Bringing Welcomes to Your Doorstep


About Springs Choice Welcome Service

Springs Choice Welcome Service helps new Colorado Springs residents feel welcome, talks with them, and answers any questions that they may have, all while delivering a beautiful basket full of free items and information.   These are thoughtful items and the information can really benefit newcomers, and the service is made possible by the generosity of local Colorado Springs businesses.

About the President and Founder

As a military spouse, and veteran, Fran Anderson has experienced the difficulties with relocation.  She knows what it can take to feel at home in a new area for oneself and a family.  She understands that an important part of settling in is knowing what is available in terms of resources, business services, shopping needs, and just plain fun events and things to do.  She has moved both in and out of Colorado Springs since 1995, but is here to stay in the city she loves.

About Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is more then the incredible mountain scenery: outdoor adventures galore, sports and recreations of all kinds, year-round and annual events, outstanding restaurants, renowned college campuses, a vibrant arts and music scene, rich historical sites, headquarters for many distinguished organizations, and top it all off with four seasons of exceptional natural beauty.  This city has many unique things to offer that you will not find anywhere else, and for its size has a small caring community feel that makes it truly special.